Teaching the SCIENCE behind the FUN of TENNIS

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MAGIC Tennis Coaching

10 Ondine Place, Glenfield, Auckland 0629

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RomTennisNZ has got the purpose of promoting good -"healthy" tennis, between the kids living in New Zealand. 

By having a background in Research and Development, coach Gabriel managed to find the answers to your questions regarding the world of tennis. Sessions are fun and informative and he is easily able to explain any facet tennis coaching step by step – from swinging a racket to the science and bio-mechanics behind all shots and movements in tennis. Once you understand what is behind the scenes, everything start making sense and tennis become much more simpler.

It doesn’t matter if you are a total novice or an advanced player wanting to get to the top performance level, or you pretty much just want to get the basics right and play easy tennis while you are socializing with your mates... Gabriel is the guy to call. 

There are no limitations, EVERYONE can play tennis. The Paralympic Wheelchair Tennis Champions are consistently proving that to all of us.... So NO EXCUSES. If you are between 4 to 104 years old, Gabriel is the coach for you!

 Coach Gabriel and coach Alex can teach you how to move very  efficiently around the court and how to " talk" to your body and get the final answers of how natural and flawless your tennis has become to you....Then, you know for sure that you are on the right track.

 The students are coached high standard tennis,  the up to date techniques from modern tennis, and everything which can help you to be successful in tennis and most importantly, to love and enjoy what you are doing....ATTITUDE is everything....

It is never too late to start playing tennis. With the right instructions EVERYONE should be able to play decent level of tennis in a matter of months so, why wait ??

All the best from Paradise NZ