Teaching the SCIENCE behind the FUN of TENNIS

                                                                                                  NEWS -RTNZ- 12 December 2018
Option 1-FOUNDATION Tennis Camp ( All about SHOTS making/ MATCH Play)  (9-11 January 2019)
Addressed to Advanced Beginners to Intermediate level students interested improving their BASIC shots ( swing techniques)/ fundamentals and better understanding of the game of tennis

Option 2- PERFORMANCE Tennis Camp   (All about FOOTWORK & POWER & SPEED )  ( 9-11 January 2019)
Addressed to: Intermediate / Advanced level players who want to quickly push their level up through some intensive and specialized pro level training
SKILLS targeted (Option 2):
1- ENDURANCE through  TENNIS specific FITNESS drills ( the 2 sessions a day helps )
2- FOOTWORK ( BETTER/ FASTER  and More EFFICIENT move around the court)
3- Right SELECTION of shots (understanding better Court geometry)
5- Controlling POWER (YOUR power / OPPONENT Power/ REDIRECT Power)
6- ATTACKING the right ball / FOOTWORK specific 
7- STRONG Shots/ SLOW-paced shots/ PLACEMENT
8-  "POWER game" and " FAST Game" ( Advantages and Disadvantages)
and so on ....
STUDENTS can come with their own QUESTIONS and can bring into the course some NEW TOPICS which are relevant for all the other students
The sessions ( FOUNDATION & PERFORMANCE Camp ):
Morning Sessions ( done by Coach Gabriel):
-  Learning the new skills targeted by the Tennis Camp/ Understanding the theoretical and technical part
-  Practicing the new skills through instructional drills and some specific games,
-  Getting ready for the ...
Night Session ( done by Coach Alex) - focused entirely on practicing / reinforcing through different  games and drills, the skills which have been taught in the morning sessions / game play

Camp Days and Lessons ( 1 hour lessons):

1- Wednesday ( 9th of DEC)    8-9 am  ( Lesson 1)- PERFORM Camp
                                                6-7 pm ( Lesson 2)- PERFORM Camp
                                                9-10 am  ( Lesson 1)- FOUND. Camp
                                                5-6 pm ( Lesson 2)   - FOUND. Camp

2- Thursday  (10th of DEC)     8-9 am   (Lesson 3)- PERFORM. Camp
                                      7.30-8.30 pm ( Lesson 4)- PERFORM. Camp
                                                9-10 am   (Lesson 3)- FOUND. Camp
                                      6.30-7.30 pm ( Lesson 4)-    FOUND. Camp

3- Friday  (11th of DEC)         8-9 am   (Lesson 5)- PERFORM. Camp
                                      7.30-8.30 pm ( Lesson 6)- PERFORM. Camp
                                               9-10 am   (Lesson 5)- FOUND. Camp
                                      6.30-7.30 pm ( Lesson 6)-   FOUND. Camp
Location : Birkenhead Tennis Club
Cost : $120/student / Camp option
- Classes of 3 to 6 students
- No classes will be organized if the minimum of 3 students / class is not achieved
We are recommending to all the students enrolled to the Tennis Camps to attend all lessons, as they are connected to each-other and they will make more sense as a group of lessons.

Please contact us for more details: Gabriel  at 021-1757586, or Email: [email protected]
Or through the contact form bellow:

Thank you for contacting us. We will get back to you as soon as possible
Regards, Gabriel & Alex
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                                                                                                      NEWS -RTNZ- 15 OCT 2018               RomTennisNZ CUP 2018 ( SUNDAY, 2nd of DEC 2018, 9am)

The enrollments for the 6th Edition of the JUNIOR Tournament RomTennisNZ CUP 2018 ( SUNDAY, 2nd of DEC 2018, 9am) are OPEN NOW.

 As there is a LIMIT of 10 participants/ each Division, the enrollments for some popular divisions might finish earlier than the Entry Deadline (22nd of November 2018) , so it is recommended to do the enrollment as soon as possible.

More Details:

We are looking forward to seeing you on the court
                                                                    RTNZ                                                                                             15 Oct 2018

WORLD Masters GAMES 2017- April 2017- Auckland, New Zealand

BIG Congratulations to GABRIEL GIURGIU for winning the GOLD medal in Doubles age 30+ ( Partner JADE VAOTOGO), and BRONZE medal in Singles age 45+, in WORLD MASTERS GAMES 2017                                                                                                          30th of April 2017  

Dear Friends.                                                                                                                                          10th of October 2016
The enrollments for the 4th edition of RomTennisNZ CUP ( 4th of DEC 2016) are open now. The VERY KEEN participants, please BE QUICK as there is a LIMIT of 10 participants/ each Division, so the enrollments for some popular divisions might finish earlier than expected:
More Details:
I am looking forward to seeing you again .

                                                                25th of August 2016
BIRKENHEAD Tennis Club, a small and friendly tennis club in Auckland's sunny suburbia seeks new members. New coach Gabriel, new lights and court surface all being upgraded. 
Junior Club days are starting Wed 7th Sept from 5-7pm

Everyone is welcome.
Contact us:

Dear friends,                                                                                             26 April 2016

 I have the great pleasure to announce you that starting to 24th of April 2016, I was appointed as the new coach of Birkenhead Tennis Club.

 As we consider tennis a sport which should go all year round, some good activities for juniors and seniors ( members and non-members) will already start at the club, beginning to Tuesday 3rd of May. For more details please contact Birkenhead Tennis Club or me directly. All new members are welcome and they have the possibility to JOIN the club even NOW between the seasons.

I wish you all the best in everything you do, and  I really hope that the fun of tennis will always be with you throughout your life.                                                                                                                                                                                                  Gabriel                                                           

                                                                                                                                                                      08 Dec 2015 
Another successful tournament this year, the RomTennisNZ Cup 2015. Thanks again to all the participants and I am looking froward to seeing you next year to the 4th edition of the tournament. Congratulation to everyone and specially to all our winners.   
                                                                                                                                                                  Gabriel and Alex